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It was our first time catering in a new venue and various factors resulted in the meal coming out 45 minutes late! But your chicken was so good that after one bite the guests completely forgot that it was late!
- Becky, San Francisco
Love your meat and the service is great!
- Mary Ellen, Brookline MA
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Philadelphia and South Jersey Delivery

We offer drop-off delivery every other Thursday in the Philadelphia area. Orders are due at 5am the day before delivery. Please check the tables below for upcoming delivery dates and locations. If you do not live in one of these areas, we can ship your order directly to your door (more info).

Please note: we deliver every 2 weeks to all locations except Mt. Airy. Mt. Airy deliveries are only once a month.

Philadelphia / South Jersey customers are welcome to place an order to be shipped if you need to receive your order sooner than the next delivery date.

Pick-Up Locations

Please make every possible effort to pick up your order during the specified delivery times. Unclaimed orders cannot be held at pick-up locations overnight, and will be donated.


Site Address Time
Elkins Park Reform Cong. Keneseth Israel 8339 Old York Road TH:3-5pm or FR: 9-4pm

Merion Station

Adath Israel 250 North Highland Ave 4:30-7pm
Mt. Airy
(1x month only)
Germantown Jewish Center 400 West Ellet Street 4-6pm
Center City Mechor Habracha 2000 Chestnut St 6-7pm
Voorhees, NJ Kellman Brown Academy 1007 Laurel Oak Road 3:30-6:00 pm
Highland Park / Edison, NJ
Delivery: $10
Private Residence** S. 4th Avenue 5-7pm

** Exact address will be in your receipt.


Orders are due by 5am on the day before delivery. We generally deliver every other week on Thursdays; please note that Mt. Airy delivery is only once a month on dates indicated by a (*).

Order deadline Delivery Date
Wednesday, March 12 Thursday, March 13
Wednesday, March 26 Thursday, March 27*
Wednesday, April 9 Thursday, April 10*
Wednesday, April 30 Thursday, May 1*
Wednesday, May 14 Thursday, May 15
Wednesday, May 28 Thursday, May 29*
Wednesday, June 11 Thursday, June 12
Wednesday, June 25 Thursday, June 26*
Wednesday, July 9 Thursday, July 10
Wednesday, July 23 Thursday, July 24*
Wednesday, Aug 6 Thursday, Aug 7*
Wednesday, Aug 20 Thursday, Aug 21*
Wednesday, Sep 3 Thursday, Sep 4
Wednesday, Sep 17 Thursday, Sep 18*
Wednesday, Oct 2 Thursday, Oct 3
Wednesday, Oct 22 Thursday, Oct 23*
Wednesday, Nov 5 Thursday, Nov 6
Wednesday, Nov 19 Thursday, Nov 20*
Wednesday, Dec 3 Thursday, Dec 4
Wednesday, Dec 17 Thursday, Dec 18*

Delivery Fee

There will be a $5 fee added to all orders to cover the cost of delivery ($10 to Highland Park/Edison). If you're placing a small order, we recommend sharing with a friend to save on your delivery charge.

Thanks to our community partners

We'd also like to thank the institutions who host our pick up sites. Please note that you should contact us if you have questions about your pick up, not the host institution. Many thanks!

Adath Israel, Merion Station, PA
Congregation Adath Jeshurun, Elkins Park
Congregation Beth El, Voorhees, NJ
Elkins Park Hazon CSA and Congregation Kol Ami
Germantown Jewish Center, Mt. Airy, PA
Kellman Brown Academy, Voorhees, NJ
Mekor Habracha Center City Synagogue, Philadelphia, PA
Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel, Elkins Park, PA
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